| Hominy/Pork Stew

8 11 2012

Stephanie’s Stew!

The recipe:
This stew is very simple to make and makes use of relatively simple, inexpensive ingredients. I roasted 15 pounds of lightly salted pork butt overnight in a 250 degree oven. The next morning, I sauteed six medium onions in canola oil in a very large stock pot and added 3 #10 size cans of hominy, juice and all. I shredded the pork, added it to the pot and added 12 cups of water. I brought the stew to a boil, reduced it to a simmer for approximately an hour and a half and refrigerated it overnight. It seems that the stew’s consistency thickened upon reheating the next morning and the flavor became more intense. If you have never tasted hominy, it can be quite bland, so I believe letting the stew rest overnight helped to maximize the flavor.

The process I explained above is based on this recipe from the Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative website:

Pork Hominy Stew



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