| Sofkee (Corn Drink)

9 11 2012

Jimi prepared a delicious vegan sofkee, substituting acorn squash, olive-oil, and onion for the pork


Sofkee: Flint-corn processed with, water, and lye. OSAFKI or SOFKEE or SOFKY
Sofky (correct form “osafki” — Hominy): Shell good, clean and dried flint corn fromt the cob, enough to have a peck or more of the shelled grain to prepare sofky for several meals. Cover the shelled corn with cool water, and soak over night. Pound the soaked corn, or a portion, lightly in a wooden mortar enough to break the grains in half. Place the pounded corn in a fanner, and clean out the hulls. Put the clean, broken grain into a large vessel, cover with water and boil until thoroughly done. Add water if necessary from time to time to keep the hominy in a loose fluid. When it is cooked thoroughly, add ash-lye solution in the proportion of a cupful to a gallon of the boiling hominy, stirring it regularly for it will scorch easily. Boil the hominy with the ash-lye solution for at least another half hour, then pour it into a stone jar to keep and serve. The Creek informant for this method of making sofky added an old saying: “As long as the Indian can eat and drink osafki, he will not go dead.” Based on a manuscript of penciled notes written by Charles Gibson (Creek) of Eufaula in 1918 sent to Dr. Joseph B. Thoborn.



2 lbs. pork (cubed)
1 ½ c. sofke/hominy
3 T cooking oil
2 qt. water
1 t. salt
Put water in pot adding sofke corn. Boil until sofke corn gets tender. Saute meat, add to sofke, and boil until tender. If using hominy, add long enough to heat and season with salt and pepper.




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